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i, I'm Eric. My passions are product design, company design, aviation, winning, and helping others win.

I'm the cofounder of Contrast.

Previously I've worked with startups in consumer social, edtech and social crypto.

IĀ also ran a digital agency that helped elect several state governors.

At age 21 I became the youngest professional Gulfstream 280 pilot, and have spent 2000 hours flying private jets across North America and Europe.


I built bookshelves in a furniture factory before IĀ graduated high school, so I appreciate the manufacturing industries that helped make America a great place. This was the inspiration behind founding Contrast, which is a debit card that gives cash-back when users buy from our partner brands that make their products here in the USA. It's tough to shop Made in America and it's tough being a Made in America brand, but we're making it easier for both sides to win.

My Bookshelf

Books that I've read, with short reviews.

Try these essays

Here are three of my essays which people like:

Billion-Dollar Diner: Waffle House (my short teardown of an old-school diner chain)

The Unofficial Way to Land a Gulfstream G280 (throwback to one of the rules I often broke as a professional pilot)

UX/UI Design: the Bedrock Principles (an exploration of the 10 UX/UI principles that all other UX/UI principles derive from)

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