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My Big Things

I was born in 1997.

My passions are product design, startup growth, aviation, winning, and helping others win.

I am a product designer, web developer, and former marketing agency owner. I've worked with/for startups in the consumer social, edtech, social crypto, and b2b spaces.

At the moment I work with a handful of the country's most pivotal state governor campaigns, advising on digital strategy.

I also have a deep background in aviation. At age 21 I was certified as the youngest Gulfstream 280 pilot, and have spent 2000 hours flying private jets across North America and Europe. I still fly a few times a year. As Exupéry said, "I fly because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things"

Other Links

Books that I've read, with short reviews.

Products that I love and use daily.

My list of must-have software (including software I use for my businesses).

Life Hacks! Everyone loves life hacks.

As a pilot, I've flown 0.5 million miles so I've seen some cool destinations. Here's a list of my fav lesser-known places.

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