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Thanks for showing up! Here's a list of what I am doing and who I am.

My Big Things

I am a marketer and aviation enthusiast.

I am also a private jet pilot.

My Other Lists

A list of my favorite books.

Products that I love and use daily.

My list of must-have software (including software I use for my businesses).

Life Hacks! Everyone loves life hacks.

As a pilot, I've flown 0.5 million miles so I've seen some cool destinations. Here's a list of my fav lesser-known places.

My Twitter Content

I've started to share more on the bird app. Here are some threads you might like.

A story about a marketing campaign we did (read it here)

A story on how GoDaddy made serious $$$ (read it here)

The curse of the high IQ (read it here)


If you've got this far, you've unlocked superfan status. I appreciate you and would love for you to reach out to me. Email is great, but best is to text me at (845) 299-8972 (just click on the number).