The Ultimate Calendar Scheduling Workflow

I run a digital agency, so I have several Zoom or Google Meet calls every day.

I could use a freemium Calendly link, but why be average?

Here's a more elegant solution which will save you time and send a message to your client that you're a true citizen of the internet and not one to waste their time.

With this solution you'll be able to personalize each invite with the person's name and email.

Best part: you'll be able to do all this by typing a simple phrase in your email.

Step 1: Sign Up for SavvyCal

SavvyCal is Calendly but a touch more personal. It's a pattern interrupt from the Calendly fatigue that your clients may have by now. And it's sexy. Say less.

Sign up for SavvyCal.

Step 2: Create Your Meeting Templates

Half of my prospects prefer Zoom, the other half prefer Google Meet.

Our meetings are either 15 or 30 minutes long.

That leaves four meeting variations:

  1. Zoom meeting, 30 minutes
  2. Zoom meeting, 15 minutes
  3. Meet meeting, 30 minutes
  4. Meet meeting, 15 minutes

Create four generic links in SavvyCal.

Give each link a custom URL. Name each one with the platform and the duration, separated by a dash (the formatting is so that Step 4 works well).

Step 3: Set Up TextExpander

If you haven't used TextExpander before, you're going to save so much time with this.

Imagine TextExpander as a text clipboard on adderall.

Sign up already.

Step 4: Set Up the Shortcut

This shortcut will allow you to send a personalized link in your email without having to find it or create it in some web app.

We'll reference this cheat sheet found in SavvyCal's help docs:

We'll be using TextExpander to pick the right meeting link slug (we created four slugs in step 2).

Then we'll use TextExpander to drop details into the query string to populate the custom fields (in this case, email and name).

In the TextExpander app, paste in your SavvyCal link. Delete the slug and replace it with a dropdown. In the dropdown, add the platforms that you set upin step 2. For me, it's just "zoom" and "meet".

Next, type a dash.

After the dash, add another dropdown. This one is for the meeting durations you added to the slugs in step 2. For me, the two options are "15" and "30".

Now, paste in the following query string:


In TextExpander, replace the block-caps content with text fields.

Finally, give your new snippet a name and an abbreviation you'll remember.

Step 5: Use It!

Now you'll be able to call up your link editor while you're mid-sentence. My abbreviation for calling up the TextExpander snippet is "skedule." Whenever I type that, the TextExpander modal will pop up.

Simply add in contact's name and email, select a platform and a duration, and hit ENTER. Done.

Now, when you're contact schedules a meeting, they'll see their name and email pre-filled. You spark joy in your contact, at almost no expense to you. Everybody wins.

And at all times, your scheduling link is just one TextExpander snippet away.


Don't be boring. Don't use Calendly.

At the end of the day, you and your business are just a sum of the tiny things, like picking a great calendar to use. And using TextExpander to save you five minutes every day.