Sacred Institutions That Don't Deserve To Be Sacred

The other day I got talking with a friend about how absurd cash is. The conversation started around Bitcoin, of course.

But stop and think just how arcane our financial system is today:

Armored trucks drive around town picking up cash from businesses, and we keep dirty pieces of paper in our pocket to record value. 

And that’s just the tip of the stupidity iceberg.

A “check” is similar to a dollar bill, but the sender gets to choose how much it’s worth by spelling out a number on the front with a pen. Oh, and then the recipient needs to scribble on the back, or the bank won’t honor it. What a clown show.

Our great-grandkids won’t believe the stories we’ll tell. 

On the other hand, many of these outdated solutions are understandable. Until Bitcoin came along, there was no viable, large-scale non-physical replacement for the US dollar or for Gold. Now we are building the solution, and it’s exciting, and it's about time.

But what other sacred institutions don’t deserve to be so sacred?

Universities, of course. At this point most people agree that universities are bloated organizations that don’t come close to offering the ROI they did a few decades ago. This is old news.

Most Elementary school and High School are awful too. How did being a high school teacher become a less-than-desirable, poorly-paid job? This is a crime against our country’s future.

Paying at restaurants. Why do we do this stupid dance which involves a receipt jammed in a drinking glass, and then leaving a tip after the card is run? It’s a five-step process and it’s weird as fuck.

Human-operated cars and planes. Awfully dangerous technology that’s been a "necessary evil" until now.

Identity documents. I swear the paper we made in Kindergarten by putting newsprint in a blender was more durable than the paper my Social Security card is made out of. And passport stamps are still a thing? Let’s stop this madness.

In-person elections. It’s shocking that after 2016, we neglected to build out a distributed, trust-less voting system for each eligible American, in time for 2020. How are we still content with such an opaque "democratic" process?

I hope it starts with Bitcoin. I hope the refresh of our financial system broadens our vision so we see that we could avoid traffic jams, travel supersonically for that work trip, and cast our votes on the blockchain.