Products I 100% Recommend (List)

These are products I love so much that I find myself buying them for my friends, or talking about with strangers. No affiliate links, just pure recommendations.

Woolnut Leather Sleeve for MacBook ($130)

Your Macbook is sexy level 1000. Get yourself a leather sleeve that matches it. Plus it’s a great flex when you slide it out at meetings or work.

3M Transpore Tape ($15)

I use 3 inches of tape every night to tape my mouth shut. The result is better sleep and a sexier face. Sounds crazy I know, but try it for yourself. Read more about the science here.

Neutrogena Deep Moisture Night Cream ($11)

I’m an acne survivor. I tried the $200 containers of moisturizer until I found this little guy at Walmart. A thin layer applied all over the face just before bed means I wake up with incredibly sexy skin.

SkinCeuticals LHA Cleansing Gel ($41)

I have no clue what this does, but it’s the gentlest skin cleanser I’ve found. I use it once a day in the shower.

Magnetic Dry Erase Board ($35)

My whiteboard is huge for keeping my brain organized. I don’t hesitate to wipe it clean, either. I’ll just take a picture of it before I do.

LG UltraFine 34" 5K UltraWide Monitor ($1400)

Broke: using your Macbook's monitor
Woke: using dual monitors
Bespoke: using an ultrawide.

The increase in productivity isn't just noticeable, it's huge. If you spend a chunk of your day online, you owe an ultrawide monitor to yourself.

PRO-TIP: Read this article I wrote about my ridiculously productive desk setup (with photos)

Twelve South BookArc for Macbook ($60)

If you end up using an external monitor for your MacBook, get one of these bad boys to hold your MacBook vertically on your desk.

YNM Bamboo Weighted Blanket ($100)

My sleep quality improved significantly when I started using a weighted blanket. Mine is 20lb. If you're a hot sleeper like I am, be sure to get a bamboo one--they allow you to sleep cooler than the cotton or synthetic ones.

IKEA Skarsta Sit/Stand Desk ($240)

Ironically, I never stand at my desk (I should). But it's great to have a desk that I can position at the perfect height.

Elgato Camlink 4K ($110)

This unit is the size of a Biscoff biscuit, and it's what allows me to use a D-SLR for Zoom calls. Also if you're producing video content regularly, use the D-SLR to send video to your computer via the Camlink 4K. Then use OBS (it's a free app) to capture your video straight to your computer. No SD cards required!

"Fear is the Mind-Killer" Canvas ($50)

This canvas is a reminder to me that the only thing between where I am and where I want to be is fear.