Life Hacks (Updated List)

Become a Google Apps Power User

If you work in Google Workspaces much, you can launch new docs from your browser. will start a new Sheets document, will start a new slide deck. And you guessed it, fires up a new Doc.

Stay Hydrated

Struggle with staying hydrated? I buy huge quantities of La Croix sparkling water. I consistently end up drinking far more fluids than I would if I had a water bottle on my desk.

Get More Podcast Time

When I’m waiting for a flight, I ignore whichever boarding groups are called up and simply wait until the final boarding call. Often I’ll listen to a podcast and wait until my name is called out or someone starts waving in my direction. No wait on the jetbridge, less time spent in the plane.

Save Notes Easier

When I'm saving notes I want to make the system as frictionless as possible so I don't lose ideas in the process. My solution: treat iPhone screenshots as notes. Then once a week I'll go to Photos>Albums>[scroll all the way down]>Screenshots and sort the screenshots further. This system works for objects in the real world too--just open the camera app, but instead of taking a photo just take a screenshot when your subject is showing on the screen.

Become a Marriott Power User™

This is a life hack that I noticed I share with Andrew Wilkinson. Credit where it was seen first...

When you're staying at a hotel, no need to check out. Just walk out, you'll get an email around 1pm.