Figure Out What Truly Matters

The worst part about becoming a pilot is the big book of regulations. It’s an awful read.

Probably thousands of student pilots have backed out of flight training after trying and failing to memorize confusing tables and lists of data.

But once the student pilot has a few hours of flight time, he realizes that the regs in the big book don’t all carry the same weight.

Here's an example. One rule is that when Air Traffic Control gives you a specific heading (direction) to fly, you gotta fly that heading.

It’s an important rule, but if you're a few degrees off, no sweat. Air Traffic will politely get you back on track.

Not so with the altitude rule, however.

The rule about staying on your assigned altitude? Break that rule by 400 feet and you might get your license taken away.

It turns out that ATC packs the air traffic in tightly on a vertical scale, but they leave plenty of room in front of you and behind and to the sides.

And so the student pilot memorizes a thousand rules, to find out that only about 100 are actually  consequential.

Figure out what truly matters.

Note to self.