Favorite Destinations List (Updated Frequently)

As a pilot I've flown 0.5 million miles. Here's a list of places I loved.

Polignano a Mare (Italy)

If you've been to Rome, you know what Italy looks like when it's overrun with tourists.

The East coast of Italy, on the other hand, is less-known and just as beautiful. Polignano a Mare is a short train ride south of Bari, and it's worth every extra day of travel to get there.

Note: train fare from Rome across Italy to Polignano a Mare will take roughly a day and $100.

San Juan Islands (Washington State)

This group of islands is home to plenty of HNWI, so it's not cheap to live here. But the peace and freedom here is unmatched.

Santa Ynez Valley (California)

Forget Napa, the Santa Ynez Valley has a more exclusive and cozy vibe for a wine-country valley. One of the towns in the valley, Solvang, resembles a Danish town. Charming level 1000.

Harbor Springs, MI

Few places feel so...American. There's no place I'd rather be in the fall, with the last leaves on the tree, a thick overcoat on, and a warm biscuit from City Park Grill in my hand.

Oxford, MS

Mississippi in general is awful. But Oxford is a huge exception. Great food, stunning architecture, and the hottest people you've seen for a while.

Brunswick, ME

Incredibly lovable town. Not exotic but satisfying in a way that's hard to describe.